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When defending against assault charges, our top-rated assault lawyers & domestic violence and domestic abuse attorneys will assign five or more members of our law firm team to each client. This assures a comprehensive defense strategy, and a 360 degree view of the case. Part of our successful track record in defending people charged with assault involves our intensive research, use of expert witnesses, knowledge of the criminal investigations process and more. Our top-rated domestic violence lawyers & assault attorneys vigorously defend our clients in the following practice areas: Aggravated Assault Assault With A Weapon Assaulting a Police Officer Domestic Violence, Domestic Assault & Abuse Felony Assault & Misdemeanor Assault — Gang Assault — Juvenile Assault Sexual Assault Vehicular Assault Related Charges to Assault

Each assault lawyer at The Blanch Law Firm is highly sought after due to our successful track record in defending people facing criminal assault charges.

For example: In a recent case, our Client was charged with assault after breaking the victims’ nose and orbital bone (a bone near their eye), causing permanent nerve damage. The Blanch Law Firm was able to secure a deal where our client plead to a violation and spent no time in jail.